Resume for Brendan Kidwell


Qualifications Summary

Application Programmer with over 20 years of professional experience. Full stack experience with many application development platforms.


Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics; Bridgewater State University (Massachusetts) 2003

Relevant Skills/Expertise

Relevant Professional Experience

Senior Application Developer. Abt Associates (2009-- ). Cambridge, MA; New York City

Developer, BEES Project (2022).
Developed a desktop C#/.NET application for survey agents' Windows tablet computers, to automate uploading audio recordings of survey interviews to an MoveIT service hosted by Abt IT.

Developer, Release Manager, Sysadmin, BD-Steps, CDC (2020-- ).
Helped to stabilize and maintain an ASP.NET/SQLServer-based web app that serves as a processing hub for several other tools related to tracking and administering this long-running survey.

Developer, MandE, Abt Data Science and Enabling Tech (2015-- ).
Helped to stabilize internal ASP.NET/SQLServer-based project Monitoring and Evaluation tool for Abt employees. Created backup and restore scripts. Migrated the application out of a dependency on external FluidSurveys project which was cancelled after MandE was launched internally. Replaced FluidSurveys with a free open source tool LimeSurvey, under Abt's control. Continue to assist the lead developer with occasional hard development problems.

Developer, HPOG PAGES, US HHS (2015--2019).
Assisted with maintenance tasks on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM custom solution for HPOG PAGES. Solved many issues with reports and with business rules, after a hand-off to Abt from an external consultant developer.

Developer, Release Manager, Sysadmin, College Success Project, CUNY (2015).
Created on-boarding application for College Success research study, using email and SMS invitation notices sent by Twilio; Laravel; and MySQL. Implemented business rules for repeat notifications after receiving no response from the candidate, displaying on-boarding instructions to the candidate, and assigning gift cards from a queue of pre-purchased gift card IDs.

Developer, Release Manager, Sysadmin, Prison Rape Eradication Act Online Audit System, Bureau of Justice Assistance (2015-- ).
Contributed many fixes and feature enhancements to this data entry web site across all areas of the technology stack. Took over release manager and sysadmin roles after staff turnover. Led integration of an Abt-developed natural language processing module to validate contract submissions against their records' name information in the project's Salesforce site. PHP, Python, MySQL, Linux, Amazon AWS MediaConvert, Salesforce.

Developer, Employee On-Boarding, Abt IT (2013).
Provided JavaScript expertise to help Abt IT Service Center clean up Abt's Employee On-Boarding process hosted in SereviceNow.

Developer, Release Manager, Sysadmin, Partner Registry, Abt IT (2013-2014).
Rebuilt a ColdFusion "Abt Partner Registry" application as an ASP.NET MVC application to be hosted on Abt's new public web site.

Developer, Africa Indoor Residual Spraying (2012).
Rescued a Microsoft Access-based data collection product that was deployed on hundreds of computers in 15 countries. Successfully consolidated unmanageable country-specific versions of the data entry forms into a single set of forms with language and other local variations factored out to configuration data and loaded at run-time.

Developer, Release Manager, Sysadmin, Internal single sign-on, Abt IT (2012).
Built a solution to provide single sign-on from AbtNet internal WordPress site to several other separate externally hosted HR and IT services for employees.

Developer, Release Manager, Sysadmin, AbtNet WordPress Rebuild, Abt IT (2012).
Quickly developed a WordPress-based replacement of our WebSphere-based AbtNet internal portal project. Learned WordPress and developed a prototype on time in an extremely aggressive 2 week period. Worked with management to get stakeholder buy-in for 3-month project to replace the WebSphere system whose failure due to lack of vendor support was imminent. Developed Apache Solr integration with WordPress to support full text search of the 2000-page site. Deployed on time and provided post-launch support.

Developer, Release Manager, Sysadmin, Thought Leadership Database, Abt IT (2011).
Developed and supported an internal thought leadership tracking knowledge base for Abt employees with ColdFusion and SQLServer.

Developer, Release Manager, Sysadmin, Hiring Manager System, Abt IT (2011).
Developed and supported an internal job req system with ColdFusion and SQLSerever.

Sysadmin, FogBugz and Kiln, Abt IT (2008--2010).
Setup and maintained FogBugz and Kiln from Fog Creek Software, to manage source code and tasks/issues/tickets for several internal projects.

Developer, AbtKnowledge, Abt Corporate Communications (2008--2009).
Contributed to internal AbtKnowledge project and proposal knowledge base built with ColdFusion and SQLServer. Built single sign-on module to integrate with Abt's internal WebSphere Portal site.

Developer, EPA (2007--2008).
Developed online survey using Checkbox Mobile by Prezza, with ability for interviewers in the field to collect data offline and synchronize with Checkbox at the end of the day.

Sysadmin, Abt Environment Research Division (2007--2008).
Migrated Abt E&R programmers out of Team Coherence and replaced it with Subversion VCS for code repositories.

Developer, Performance Track Multimedia Regulatory Profile, EPA (2007--2008).
Rebuilt Perl/MySQL-based tool as a ColdFusion web application.

Web Developer. Abt Associates (2004--2007). Cambridge, MA

Developer, AbtNet, Abt IT Dept. (2004--2007).
Participated in the building of the AbtNet company portal using IBM WebSphere. Developer front-end code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and back-end JSP-based portlets. Integrated the site with our Autonomy search engine.

Additional Relevant Work History

Board member, New York Amateur Computer Club (2018-- ). New York City

IT systems administrator, developer, (2014-- ). Boston

Windows installer package maintainer, Zim Desktop Wiki (2009--2019).


Agile Scrum Team Workshop by FoxHedge Ltd. (2017)

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) v3 Foundations (2009)