adminer-sqlite-login 2021 plugin Helps you get login working in Adminer database editor, when using SQLite
cfsqlite 2011 library Handles setting up access to SQLite database files as Data Sources in ColdFusion
ebmeta 2012 tool Edit metadata in ebook files
Instant WordPress Dev 2014 tool Setup a WordPress development environment
Link Page Child DokuWiki Plugin 2018 plugin Makes linking to page-specific attachments easier in DokuWiki
Markdown Epub Builder 2011 tool Build ebook files from Markdown, keeping source inside the compiled package
Microsoft Access Date Picker 2013 library Date picker widget for old versions of Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access GPG Usage Demo 2013 example Use GNU Privacy Guard from inside Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access Table Optimizer 2013 library Shrink columns to appropriate size after importing table from text file, in Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access Version Control Integration 2012 library Use version control tools with your Microsoft Access development project
Music Stream Vote 2013 IRC bot Vote on current song on a music stream, with an IRC bot
Progress MD5 Copy 2013 script Display progress and compute md5sum while copying a file; verify checksum
Vbox Service Template 2012 script Init.d script template for running a VirtualBox machine as a service
VBoxManage Lite 2010 script CLI shortcuts for VirtualBox "VBoxManage" command
Zim Desktop Wiki for Windows 2009 installer Windows installer for Zim Desktop Wiki