Microsoft Access Version Control Integration


Synchronize your Access Forms, Macros, Modules, Queries, and Reports with a version control system.

This code is built and tested on Microsoft Access 2010. It will probably work in earlier versions, but YMMV.

The Microsoft Access code module in this project provides functions to export and import all of your Access objects to plain text files so that you can use a version control tool to track changes in these objects. For Access objects which are normally exported in UCS-2-little-endian encoding, the included module automatically converts to the source code to and from UTF-8 encoding during export/import; this is to ensure that you don't have trouble branching, merging, and comparing in tools such as Mercurial which treat any file containing 0x00 bytes as a non-diffable binary file.

I've Moved On. Get Current Fork Here

I originated this software and hosted it on my GitHub account [GitHub acocunt is defunct; link now goes to my SourceHut account], but I no longer actively maintain it.

timabell maintains the current fork on GitHub.